We do yoga to reap maximum benefits out of it. This is possible only when we have proper knowledge of our physical and mental set up which is the foremost step for yoga practice. Whether you impart training or you are a practitioner, you must know what you want out of it and how your body responds to each movement or state in yoga.

In order to enlighten the yoga community involving yoga seekers, Professionals, Naturopathy and Alternative Practitioners, Massage Therapists, Physical Therapists or those zealous to understand the effect of asanas on our body, Dr. Deepak Sachdeva , founder of Medical Yoga Centres in Delhi a  Ph.D  and a renowned Medical yoga expert has designed Certification Course in Yoga Anatomy. This course will unearth many amazing facts about yoga and its application on every single part of our body. In a span of 5 days you will be trained with state-of –the- art training tools and course. Moreover Dr. Deepak who is a seasoned yoga expert and attracts famous personalities from across the globe by his wisdom, will be there to mentor you and ensure you come out fully empowered to take on the yogic journey as per your preference.

Course Highlights:

  • Identification, location and movements of 55 yoga muscles, 180 bones and joints as well as their involvement in asanas
  • Understanding Stretching and contraction of muscles and joints in each asana
  • Identification of locations of internal organs in the body and their functions
  • Yoga application of medical reference terms, body movement
  • Understand safety aspects related to spinal cord especially during inversions and perform asanas  safely  without any injury to muscles, joints or tissues.
  • Importance of joints and foot archs in asanas.
  • Course kit including Goniometer to measure flexibility, Anatomy workbook, manual and Pocket chart and premium Stationery Kit to assist you during the training.

  • Expertise in designing new asanas based on individual needs
  • Profound insight of human anatomy and scientifically ensuring correct postures and alignment
  • Thorough professional knowledge of Therapeutic and restorative aspects of yoga to pursue professional development
  • Identifying and releasing stiffness in muscles and joints
  • Certificate and memento as a recognition for yogic wisdom

Programme Details:


Duration: 45 hrs 


Dr. Deepak Sachdeva's Medical Yoga Centre

41, West Avenue, Punjabi Bagh West.

For enrolment contact

SMS +91.9911360444

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