The Aura of Aurovalley Ashram

Our mind wanders throughout the day in search of peace and belongingness. Then one day we decide to go to a place where we can just sit and listen to the sound of nature which doesnt demand anything but takes us in its lap and comfort us with its soothing silence, soft breeze and musical sounds of i...


Commemorating the Beatles @ 50 in India

Beatles-a famous rock band of the 60's doesn't need any introduction. But there is also another side of these renowned rockstars and that is the spiritual side. Away from the fast and supercharged lives, Beatles made Maharishi Mahesh Yogi ashram as their spiritual abode. It is popularly known as Bea...


Quest for a Peaceful  Abode

Tired, worn out and to break the circle of ennui a person's  intense search for a quite and calm place begins. He looks for a spiritual healer and a small corner on earth where one can shut himself from the world of misery, fear and anxiety. A place where he can connect with himself and share s...

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