Namaste to all our potential buddhas!

This is a new series of blogs which we call “antar yatra” meaning inner journey.

In this series we will not be recurring some bookish knowledge, rather will be sharing our own experiences and mistakes that we have encountered over the decade of our stay in ashram, our travels, journey on the path of yoga and so on. We’ll try to simplify the spiritual concepts that we understood and applied through all these years.

Today everybody who genuinely knows or knows-not is talking about yoga, meditation, mindfulness etc. It appears that spirituality is in fashion. Many of us even try to apply all these concepts in fragments but does it make any sense to us?

We’d say that these concepts are like scattered flowers, we will attempt to gather them and make a beautiful garland out of it, the fragrance of which might eventually help us transform from where we stand. Hence, let us begin our ‘antar yatra’ with a question. What is the driving force behind all our feelings, thoughts and actions? or What is this constant invisible craving that is steering us all?

Even the simplest act of kindness or the beautiful moments of celebrations with our loved ones are nothing but our magnetic pull towards that element.

Everything that surrounds us in this contemporary world such as social media, likes, subscribers; even our achievements and holidays etc. they all boil down to the same craving of that one element

We’re signaling at “ATTENTION”.

We all are craving for attention. The way we want to dress up, the way we relate with others, our chain of thoughts, the way we accept or react to emotions- this entire trail of feelings and actions center around our craving for attention. The need for attention is persistent in us. Attention is our basic food.

Although we momentarily satisfy this urge from outside; it is like we are feeding our shadows. Now, let’s unbiasedly and innocently inquire within ourselves as to what is this craving? Is it satisfying us in any way? Even those who happened to be at the topmost position in our society who receive this attention in abundance are yet not seen to be uplifted in any real sense.

However, We’d like to voice that our craving for this attention is not wrong at all. In as much as it is the intrinsic and instinctive longing, we are searching for it from the wrong source. Let us elaborate on this by giving a beautiful example. Imagine a mother who has lost her child, now she will feel content or fulfilled only if she finds her own child back. Likewise, we have lost our own attention which has been wandering around since ages in search of its true nest. Unless you bring it back to its real home, this restlessness will never subside. We have to bring our attention back to its original source to attain the ultimate contentment.

On that account, the questions arise!! what is the real source or the real home? How do we travel back riding on our attention?

We shall explore it in our next blog of atmasmaran yoga. Till then keep the flame on..

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