Life finds its own way and moulds one towards its destination. That’s something which happened with Krishna Das who became a spiritual chant icon from a budding rock star. Krishna Das after getting inspired from his spiritual guru Neem Karoli Baba also known as Maharajji learned Bhakti yoga and all shades of devotion within three years. After the sad demise of his guru, the committed devotee spread the light of his teachings to the west with his spiritual voice using his music acumen to create a fusion of western music with traditional chants. After a sadhana of more than 20 years, Krishna Das successfully spread the devotional light all across the world from yoga centers to concert halls with his mesmerizing performances. 

His film One Track Heart: The Story of Krishna Das won best documentary award at different film festivals & his album Live Ananda was nominated for Grammy award. In 2014, he established Kirtan Wallah Foundation which propounds the teachings of Neem Karoli Baba and conducts events for charitable purposes.

Krishna has many recordings on Bhakti yoga to his credit. Moreover he has been singing Hanuman Chalisa for over 30 years. Krishna outpours the profound love and devotion for Hanuman who exemplifies grace, strength, service and devotion and somewhere seems to connect himself with him Hanuman being Ram’s devotee and he being devotee of his guru.

Krishna Das has thus surrendered himself to the service of mankind and every year performs for Charity for Hospital Ganga Prem Hospice in Rishikesh.  Krishna Das is here again to immerse and enchant you with his heartwarming spiritual chants. For more details, click here

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