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How To Un-Link The Connection Between Heart Disease and Stress?

Heart attacks were once primarily a problem for elderly people. A heart attack in someone under 40 was unusual. Heart attack, cardiac arrest, and other cardiovascular diseases remain a huge issue to this day - but it is only now that we're starting to see an increase in heart disease rates among ...


Nature: A Home For True Happiness

Conscious practices can connect us with nature and help reduce stress, heal, and bring positive feelings and happy thoughts.     Three conscious practices outside your home  Nature walks and if possible bare feet, to touch and feel the water...


Nature: Mother To All

Healing is the natural property of the body and is maintained by the innate self-regulation called homeostasis. However, a wide variety of factors can disturb self-regulation and interfere with the process of healing. Such factors include infections, injuries, mental trauma, scarcity of food,...


A Transformative Journey Through Somatofulness

A child is born with almost a fully active body, life energy or Prana, open consciousness, and connection to nature.  Around the age of two to four, the sense of ‘I’ emerges in the child, creating self-awareness. Self-awareness brings the delights of life, but also the fear of death....


Come To Nature, For It Is a Healer

  We are born from nature, live in nature, and return to nature, yet we get disconnected from nature.  This disconnection causes profound suffering. Nature is our primal mother, and our body is her direct extension. When we are separated from nature, we become disconnected f...


Yoga as Holistic Therapy for Self-Healing

Dukkha (suffering) is an innate characteristic of existence in the realm of samsara. From the day a human is born, pain becomes an inevitable part of reality you can’t escape! This dukkha encapsulates all the illnesses of the body and mind that are discussed in various therapeutic treatment...


Mental Health & Nature: A New Paradigm

Gregory Bratman and Kristine Engemann’s scientific research showed that close contact with nature increases happiness and well-being and decreases anxiety, depression, and addictions in both children and adults. When we step into a river, lake, or ocean, walk through a forest listening...


Yoga is Life Transforming

“Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self.” Yoga gives you an opportunity to rediscover who you are! It restores a sense of completion- it makes us one with what exists all around us. This year we celebrated International Yoga Day digitally on 19th June 2022 ...


Understanding the fear of childbirth and pregnancy with Kadambari Ravi

A study found that many first-time mothers experience fear while they're pregnant. Studies also show that health concerns are more frequent in this group of people compared to the rest of the people. During pregnancy, many women reflect on their own childhood and the...


Finding Moments of Pause

The famous French scientist and philosopher, Blaise Pascal said way back in the 1600s that “All of humanity's problems stem from man's inability to sit quietly in a room alone”. When I look around now, four hundred years later, his statement still rings true. A survey carried out in ...


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