Curry Scented


We like to all believe that we are so different from one another. We divide ourselves by different cultures, religions, and belief systems. I have found that we are truly more alike than we lead ourselves to believe. Being back to the US from India has really shown me this truth. Everywhere you go it’s the same shit, different fragrance, India’s just so happens to be curry scented. No matter how you cut it we all have the same basic needs. If we are injured we all bleed red and we all have the need for love to thrive.

India’s government withholds money to keep people poor and maintain a caste system while the US is killing its people by overmedicating and feeding them poisoned foods to make a profit. Yet somehow society still carries on and people continue to judge one being better than the other. In India, baba’s wrap their penis around a stick to break it as a form of devotion to god. Here in the US we undergo unneeded surgeries to inset bags of saline into our chest and inject our faces with muscle paralyzers as a form of our devotion to youth. In the eye of the beholder it’s either insanity or beauty.

No matter how you look at it, all around the globe, we are a bunch of weirdos. The tendency is to see our own way as the right way. My belief is the way that works for the individual is the right way. Provided no one is harming another, why should we care what another person does? Why do we feel the need to transform others to be the same when our uniqueness holds our beauty? Why don’t we see fascination rather than fear in the different ways in which we live? How boring life would be if we all went about it the same way! If people took a moment to realize that these differences unit us rather than divide, we would be better off. At the end of the day we are all human and here for a purpose, this should be honoured.

Every person on this planet matters, regardless of their beliefs. The time has come to embrace the differences because at the core we are the same, we are all one. When you find yourself judging, take a moment and check in. Is it them or yourself who you take issue? Find peace within and see peace throughout. The world has so much beauty to offer if you open your mind and heart to let it.


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