Pave the way for Immunity – Detox

Stay home, maintain social distance, wash your hands and maintain personal hygiene. All these words must have been engraved on your minds. Right? Coronavirus threat has allowed us to slow down and monitor our lifestyle. Our systems must be bogged down under the burden of garbage which gets accumulat...


8 Tips on Eating Less

Are you stuck in the vicious grip of ‘Comforting Foods’, trying to live through these difficult times? A few weeks in the quarantine may have adversely affected our eating habits, while our mind may be fooling us, making us think it is meal time every 1-2 hours!  This stay-at-home order ...


Stop Detoxing, Nourish yourself

In Western clinics there are now emaciated young women checking in who have reduced themselves to near starvation through prolonged detox and “clean eating” fads. Although these cases, deserving much compassion, are a minority, they are also symptoms of a larger problem. The question we could as...



The resort I stayed in Kerela was home for one week, not long enough. Unknowing, I went to do panchakarma, a sort of Ayurvedic detox. In my mind I was thinking massage, scrubs, and maybe some other oil treatments. I came to find there were in fact other oil treatments involved, enemas.   ...

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