Namaste and welcome back all our Potential Buddhas!

First of all, we would like to thank all of you for showering so much love and response to our first vlog. In continuum to our last talk, we will take our antar yarta further on the subject of Attention.

To begin with, I’d like to state what George Gurdjieff -

A Spiritual Master once said- “Man is a machine. Before man can do, He must be.” Meaning we can do something in a true sense only if we are present to do that. But are we really present while doing anything? Now you will say- what do you mean? Of course, we are present!! If we’re not- then who is doing yoga? Who is cooking? Who is working?

Okay, if this is true then what is Gurdjieff talking about? Definitely, not about the ‘Physical Presence.’ Apparently, he is aiming at the subtler level of presence. Something deeper than the physical presence. So how do we bring that deeper presence and how do we know if it’s there at all?

HERE, I’d like to quote Gurdjieff again- “Wherever your attention is, there you are.” Now, this prompts a question as to where is our attention? Our attention wanders in planning our holidays while we’re cooking and we’re worrying about paying our house-hold bills while we’re on holidays. Wheresoever it is wandering, we have to bring our attention to the present moment to experience our real selves NOW.

‘Now’ is the only reality where every movement of life is actually happening. Since all of our 5 senses are always in present moment, the basic entry point to bringing the attention in the present moment is our physical body. Attention is the vehicle riding on which our being can be brought back to the present moment.

Before we step further, let’s sign up for this interesting task! Whatsoever you’re doing, just keep your little attention on any of the 5 senses for 24 hours, i.e. Taste, Touch, Sound, Sight or Smell. Like for me touch works the best. I keep feeling my feet touching the ground, my clothes touching against my skin or on a subtler level- the air touching my nostrils while inhaling or exhaling. This brings me HERE.

Please comment below and share your experience in this experiment and this chain of blogs. We would love to hear from you. We shall meet again in our next Blog. Till then.. Keep the flame on.

-Antar & Anand

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