Hanuman Chalisa – Life Magic Book


“Sankat kate mite sab peera. Jo Sumirai Hanumat Balbeera” (English translation: “Problem ceases pain goes away. When one remembers Hanuman, the mighty hero”)

What if every day is a happy day? What if we could let go fear and embrace truth happily? Have we ever thought of why pain, agony easily steer our lives? Does it come to us because we are easily susceptible to it?

The ancient sages recognized that suffering sprouts from mind and affects all levels of human beings. At times of troubles, we all run for help to our adviser – god, god-man, prophet, priest, clergyman, etc they give us superstitious doses but none of us advices us to get rid of what we are firmly anchored to – Five Kleshas of Life (causes of affliction). They are:-

  1. Spiritual ignorance (Avidya)
  2. I – am – ness (Asmita)
  3. Attraction (raga)
  4. Aversion (Dvesha) and
  5. Clinging to life (abhinivesha)

Recently, I picked a book for my weekend spiritual treat: – “My Hanuman Chalisa” by Devdutt Pattanaik. Book of 169 pages is a beautiful expansion to 43 verses of Hanuman Chalisa, a tiny chap book that is read especially on Tuesdays to remember Monkey God – Hanuman.

Devdutt Pattanaik, has beautifully translated it, admiring Hanuman’s strength, scholarship, wisdom, humility and celibacy. In each of the verse, he has given us a piece of advice for introspection. And I am sure this journey of introspection will introduce you to the most stubborn Klesha of life and what you can pick from Hanuman’s character to counter the effects of Klesha for a peaceful & happy life.

Time to read Hanuman Chalisa with different perspective.


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