Human Body Ergonomics & the Workplace

The contemporary world is both dynamic and demanding, making us work round the clock. That’s where we often suffer from health issues that are seemingly minor like backache, neck pain, and stiffness. Do you know 50% of all working adults report having back pain?  Around 3 to 6 ...


Sonakshi & her Yogic Way

Mind is the most dynamic part of our personality that plays a pivotal role in determining the direction of our life as well as our interactions with our environment both within and outside. But it is inflicted by Vrittis. Have you ever experienced the feeling of withering apart? Or a constant stru...


Experiencing Presence through Attention

Namaste and welcome back all our Potential Buddhas! First of all, we would like to thank all of you for showering so much love and response to our first vlog. In continuum to our last talk, we will take our antar yarta further on the subject of Attention. To begin with, I’d like to state wha...


Grapeseed Oil Extract

The grapeseed oil comes from pressed seeds of grapes and is thus an abundant by-product of the wine-making process. The oil is widely used in baking, or in salad dressing, or as oil infusions. It has marked its place due to the nutritional value it brings to the table.  NUTRITIONAL VALU...


Water - Our Life and Inspiration

International water day just gone by on 22nd March 2019 reminding us of its significance in our lives with a strong caveat to save it as only 3% of water on earth is clean and can be consumed. Further, it is believed that the frequent occurrence of natural calamities is mainly because of water. It...


Power of Lungs with Chandana Bhowmick

Right breathing is an essential for life. It ensures the circulation of pranvayu and proper functioning of all vital organs of our body. Any obstruction or inflammation in the respiratory passage limits the supply of oxygen causing numerous diseases. Present lifestyle, stress and contaminated air ar...


Yoga & Physical Therapy for Women

Women especially in India are considered to be the backbone of family. She has multiple roles to play and many lives to nurture by her incredible persistence, patience and potential. While meeting and exceeding the demands of work and family, they often develop certain health issues and may even fal...


Pratyahara-The Empowering Limb

Our body is a doorway to our intellectual and spiritual aspects. It is both subtle and strong with a complex network of nerves, bones, muscles and organs with each having its defined set of roles. Every part of our body is in some way connected to our mind, body and soul and keep transmitting signal...


What if everybody could do Savasana?

Savasana, is the corpse pose practiced at the end of yoga. It looks easiest yoga pose in the entire yoga practice session but when doing, it’s one of the hardest pose.   Apparently, outward appearance of the pose is Eyes closed, palms facing towards the ceiling, shoulders relaxed, leg...

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