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Raise your hands if constipation is your problem!

Constipation – Internal lockdown problem was prevalent before the pre-lockdown era. At times weeks begin and end away while sorting our Indigestion, constipation, bloating, etc. or any other gastrointestinal problems. Honestly, we all owe this problem to our poor sedentary lifestyle. 

A rich lifestyle is actually not rich, it’s luxury only for our senses but actually it’s a bubble of disorders that knocks off your immunity. Have you ever noticed why the promotional ads for antacids, laxatives, and the like are more frequent in modern times? Perhaps, a majority of the population suffers from digestive problems nowadays.

Let’s introduce you to the basic concept of our body’s engine as per Ayurveda. Like a car engine has a combustion system that fires the fuel and runs the car, the same way, Agni does it for the human digestive system.

Agni – our digestive fire that converts food into energy has its natural and specific time and manner of working which if interrupted leads to multiple disorders in the long run. The 13 agnis broadly classified as Jatharagni, Bhutagni, and Dhatvagni present in the bodywork like a machine that extracts nutrients from food supplied to the body, and filters residue in the form of waste matter to be excreted after digestion. It is exactly the way juice is extracted from ripe fruit and dry pulp is discarded later.

What happens when this Agni is reduced? Improper digestion, assimilation & elimination due to which gastrointestinal problems occur. 

Stop gulping antacid, you need to focus on re-kindling your Agni.

To understand it better, hold an unripe or overripe fruit and try to separate flesh and juice. Can you do it? I guess, No. This is what happens to food when Agni is reduced.

Do you experience discomfort and disease in your body, these are alarming signs that anyone with weak digestion or gastrointestinal problems will always have lot of diseases. His/ her body keeps building Ama. Ama keeps forming and accumulating, when elimination doesn’t occur properly like in constipation, the left toxins build up and settle in different parts of our body.

Ama when spreads and settles at the cellular level then, immunity gets affected and eventually, we are vulnerable to all kinds of viral & bacterial infections.

Now, do you understand why a healthy teenage boy with a 100% school attendance later in his busy corporate life falls sick so easily?

Ama further affects the production of Ojas. Now, what is Ojas? Ojas is the vital energy that rules our health, immunity & happiness. Imagine, you get an appraisal in this lockdown, still, you are not happy, your skin is not glowing, in fact, you look sulkier with a bigger belly why? Your Ojas is depleting because Ama is building and Agni is reducing. How to come out of this vicious trap?

1. Fix your Dincharaya
2. Avoid Mental Stress
3. Eat healthy food
4. Avoid overeating
5. Exercise daily
6. Massage your body
7. Introduce yourself to Rasayana

Do these seem daunting tasks? Our suggestion is to tread with tiny steps towards a healthy lifestyle and introduce yourself to Rasayana. Maharishi Ayurveda’s Amrit Kalash is a power-packed tonic with 53 herbs like amla, ashwagandha, brahmi, shatavari. It is one of the super researched Rasayana that helps to re-create the inner balance of the body system and works on the cellular intelligence.

So, take your first step towards a healthy life, get Amrit Kalash!