This global pandemic has confined us in many aspects. Isn’t it? But many of us have turned up with great zeal in steering through be it work or be it exercise.

Don’t you feel it is the best time to conquer ourselves and put things right?

The ray of hope has turned even brighter bringing together people uniting them to stay aware and healthy. The research has proved that we might be locked physically but our urge and motivation keeps us unlocked to stay healthy and contented. Yoga is to unite and it is justifying its presence as the vast population is tuning in to digital platforms to learn and impart yoga.

During the lockdown when people wish to stay consistent with their practice & beginners have the opportunity to embrace a healthy lifestyle then healthy cooking & yoga were the trending to-do list. Most of us are making the optimum utilization of this crucial time we have to shape our lives the way we want and have been longing for it with yoga as a strong tool in hand.

hellomyyoga, conducted online research, reaching out to 30 yoga centers & yoga teachers while 755 participants worldwide to understand how this click away yoga classes really blossoming or just a fancy space with very little knowledge to relate. Please find the survey findings.