Khichdi, traditional Indian dish relish by rich, poor, history says even emperor Akbar was fond of Khichdi. It is a popular food amongst Ayurvedic experts, dieticians & nutritionist, Indian mothers’ kitchen and yogis. It is considered to be baby’s diet due to its soft nature and complete meal properties.  In fact, the brand 'India Khichdi' promoted globally by the government of India as "India's superfood" and "queen of all foods".

Let’s talk with Dr. Usha Vaishnava, founder & chief consultant of Ayurveda Nirvana, Rishikesh that what makes Khichdi, a ubiquitous diet food

hmy : Khichdi is a dish made of rice and lentils, lentils variation is made with season or taste or circumstances. Like summers Khichdi is rice & green or yellow lentils but in winters it is made of rice & millets, in fasting, Hindus eat sago Khichdi. Which type of Khichdi is most suggestive and why?
Dr. Usha : Most advisable khichari is rice with green beans as it is easily digestable

hmy : Usually rice is avoided due to its starch property but why in a format of Khichdi it is more preferred?
Dr. Usha : When you make khichari, its property changes and it becomes a complete meal.

hmy : Do you think Khichdi is a gluten free food? Is it really a complete meal?
Dr. Usha : Yes it is a gluten free food as gluten is wheat protein & in it we don't use wheat. It can be a complete food if we add some vegetables in it.

hmy : Why during Panchkarma treatment Khichdi is advised?
Dr. Usha : During panchkarma specially moong bean khichari is advisable as it is digested easily and do not create a feel of heaviness in the body. 

hmy : How Khichdi affects Doshas?
Dr. Usha : Khichadi balances all doshas so any body type can eat it.

hmy : Do you think Khichdi can be weight loss food also?
Dr. Usha : Yes it can be a weight loss food but you have to add in it less rice more beans & vegetables.

hmy : Do you think Khichdi can be healing food?
Dr. Usha : Yes, it heals the body due to its quick digestion properties & has more nutritive value. Due to these reasons it is also most used food for sick people in india.

Dr. Usha Vaishnava, one of the leading Ayurvedic doctor, Panchkarma specialist, founder & chief consultant of Ayurveda Nirvana, Tapovan, Rishikesh. With her set up Ayurveda Nirvana at Rishikesh, she tries to cure people with mental & physical discomfort.

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