Imagine If: A glimpse of the transformative power of yoga!

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Imagine If is the accumulation of real-life stories of people who persevered through various adversities- physical and emotional traumas- but never lost hope and found the strength to survive and thrive, because of Iyengar Yoga.   Each story goes beyond inspiring and also give...


Flower on the Chair

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Perfection in the asana brings Manolaya, complete absorption of the body in the mind. – HS Arun Yoga is all about experiencing and achieving perfection with consistency, patience, and a well-guided approach.   Renowned Yoga icon Sri BKS Iyengar mentioned in his book, Light on Yoga S...


Rope and Belt therapy for Knee Osteoarthritis

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Many of us are in search of pain relief remedies for arthritis. It is suffocating to be immobile. Dr Vineeta Ketkar’s book  Rope and Belt Therapy for Knee Osteoarthritis is an optimal blend of modern medicine and ancient science of yoga in managing musculoskeletal issues and alleviate th...


Yogikuti: Service to Mankind

No matter how mechanized the world becomes but the best consumer goods ever produced is by the man as it has the capability to recreate, innovate and revolutionize. We evolved in each era but still stay connected to our nature and people. There are people who find their objective of life i...


A Guru for all ages

Today, when the word Guru has become a cliché for expert knowledge (or ‘gyan’ to the Instagram generation), it is well to remember that Gurus were also human personifications of traditional knowledge passed down from generation to generation. One such Guru closer to our own era was Yogacharya B...


Light on Iyengar Yoga

One person has given to yoga what yoga itself gave him years ago: a new life. Today, if people speak of ‘Iyengar’ and ‘Yoga’ in the same breath, it is to acknowledge the inspiring life journey of Bellur Krishnamachar Sundararaja Iyengar, better known as B.K.S. Iyengar or, reverentially, Guru...

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