“I came to know about medical condition PCOS & PCOD when I plan to get pregnant”. (Quoted by a 30 year old Indian female, works with a multinational company at senior management position)

In India, one in every ten women suffer from PCOS, most of them suffer due to lack of awareness. Often women don’t understand that it is the root cause of their infertility.

Let’s shed some light on PCOS & PCOD with hellomyyoga Chat on the Mat with Dr. Vineeta Ketkar, family physician and founder Gnosis Medical Yoga that offers Yogic Health Services and Yoga Training Programmes.

hmy : What is Polycystic Ovarian Disorder or Syndrome (PCOD or PCOS)? 
hmy : Of late there is sharp rise in count of women in India falling prey to it and wrestling with its symptoms. Please share, what are the causes and symptoms of PCOD or PCOS.
Dr Vineeta Ketkar : (Clubbing answer for 1 & 2)
It is multifactorial origin. Today’s lifestyle is predisposing this condition, leading to its increasing incidence. Physical inactivity, high calorie food, long working hours, insufficient sleep, demanding work patterns, anxious mind, overactive cerebral function  are disturbing the HPO axis (Hypothalamic –Pituitary – Ovary axis). 
The release of GnRh (Gonadotropin releasing hormone) from hypothalamus, which control hormones FSH & LH in a particular pattern gets disturbed. This leads to low level of FSH & high levels of LH. Low levels of FSH leads to anovulation leading to infertility. High levels of LH, leads to excessive secretion of androgens (male hormone) from ovary theca cells. High level Androgens are responsible for acne & hairy face.
Obesity is excessive adipose tissue (fatty) in body. This converts one form of female hormone (estrone) from androstenedione. Its persistent high level leads to low level of FSH, from pituitary.
Constant anxiety and cerebral overfunction leads to hypothalamic dysfunction. 

hmy : Can yoga help with Polycystic Ovarian Disorder or Syndrome?
Dr Vineeta Ketkar : Infertility due to PCOD has high hopes in the hands of yogic care. Yogic Health Care approach helps in correction of PCOD at root level.

  1. Diet Discipline – to correct obesity
  2. Yogic Postures – for weight loss – for reducing central obesity. 
  3. Pranayam, Pratyahar, Dharana, Dhyan helps to reduce anxiety, moderate cerebral activity.

hmy : What are the essential asana would you suggest to alleviate symptoms of PCOD or PCOS?
Dr Vineeta Ketkar : Every woman should start studying Ashtanga Yoga as early as possible in her life. It is never too late to begin. 
Following is the prototype schedule: -

  1. Basic Yogic Postures – 3 days
  2. Pranayam Sequence – 1 day
  3. Neck – Low back – Knee – Shoulder care
hmy : How meditation and deep breathing helps in alleviating symptoms of PCOD or PCOS?
Dr Vineeta Ketkar : Meditation & deep breathing helps in correction of hypothalamic dysfunction. This corrects the hormonal imbalance of FSH & LH. This correction reduces the symptoms of PCOD namely acne and hirsutism (facial hair).
hmy : Do you think diet also plays major role in fixing it?
Dr Vineeta Ketkar : Yes, diet plays a major role. Since there maybe insulin resistance, we suggest diet of moderate protein, restricted bakery products, moderate carbohydrate, no table sugar, decreased sugar intake and increased vegetables in the diet, especially green leafy vegetables.
hmy : Any message to females struggling with this disorder?
Dr Vineeta Ketkar : PCOD is not a disease but lifestyle disorder, it can be totally corrected by lifestyle measures like diet, exercise, yoga and medicine.

Dr. Vineeta Ketkar is a practicing Family Physician in Pune. She is practicing since 1980. In addition she offers Yogic Health Services and Yoga training programmes at her well equipped Yoga Institute, at Pune, since 2006. Her practice is based on Modern Medicine.
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