Water - Our Life and Inspiration

International water day just gone by on 22nd March 2019 reminding us of its significance in our lives with a strong caveat to save it as only 3% of water on earth is clean and can be consumed. Further, it is believed that the frequent occurrence of natural calamities is mainly because of water. Itâ€...


Artistic Dimension - Sunaina Rekhi Yoga

Many of us have been to diverse places on our spiritual sojourn. Our quest to experience something majestically transformational is always touching new parameters. Our mind is as creative as our soul all we need is to let it be without interventions of surrounding make up life. There is a hidden inq...


The Conversation on Happiness

We were discussing the meaning of happiness, over few drinks: a philosophical discussion between friends. Unlike me, they were all from Ivy League colleges and had erudite knowledge of philosophy, researches and studies, so they had a lot to say about the working of mind and happiness. It was a very...


The Urge to Blame

It’s natural, I guess, the urge to blame the world, in all of us; assuming not many of us have become Buddha. I am not saying that we keep blaming the world for our problems but there exists a desire deep inside that wants to come out and blame for our problems or things we see as problems. Some s...


I am an Indian

A man once asked a friend of mine what made an Indian different from others. She was used to this question as she had met many people from abroad and it was one of those questions that were always hurled at her, at some point in the conversation. She talked about Vedas, Upanishads, Yoga, sadhus, gur...


Good sleep for Good health

Sleep is not waste of time, sleep is incredibly important to maintain healthy body & mind. Of late Milind Soman, an Indian model –actor- fitness promoter set another fitness resolution of "7 hour Marathon" everyday goal. Surprisingly, this 7 hour marathon is not his love, ‘running’ but it ...


Simplicity for the soul

Whenever you scroll down your instagram feed, you are bombarded with images and messages that scream at you through the screen what you need to have, or be, to enjoy life. Things like a Victoria Secret angel body, a house in the hills, the latest Mercedes or fancy vacations to name a few. So that...

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