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Honey- Sweet Way to Health

Honey is a substance that not only provides a feast to the taste buds but also nourishes our body and heals several small and big health problems. Our ancestors gifted us several powerful legacies that enlighten and empower people all across the globe today. Ayurveda is one of them that allow us to ...


Yoga Stalwarts in Noida

Noida is a well-planned, cosmopolitan city, located in close vicinity of National Capital Territory of Delhi. A majority of its residents are young working professionals and live a fast paced life dealing with stress and anxiety issues Thus, it seems extremely important to incorporate yoga and medit...


Effects of Overnight Sleep Deprivation

Research - Effects of overnight sleep deprivation on autonomic function and perceived stress in young health professionals and their reversal through yogic relaxation (Shavasana) BACKGROUND: Extensive research has been done to demystify the effects of sleep deprivation on cognitive functions, m...


Yoga Chikitsa- Unique Approach to Healing

Modern times have gifted us with infinite opportunities and comforts. At the same time, it has also distanced us from a healthy lifestyle and focus on health. As a result, we are in a grip of minor to major ailments both mental and physical. Most of the times we tend to quick-fix our minor problems ...


Explore your Yoga Practice with International Teachers

Yoga undoubtedly has crossed all boundaries be it mental, physical, spiritual or geographical. Its magnificence has persuaded infinite people to make yoga their way of life and inspire others fulfilling a vision of holistic health through yoga. India is the birthplace of yoga and is known to produce...


Free app loved by Travelers in India

Planning a yoga vacation in India but language leaves you perplexed restraining you from enjoying the very substance of Indian culture? People across the world are drawn to India due to majestic Yoga that’s internationally renowned today. After making a traveling plan and landing to the destinatio...


Mindful Yoga Attire

Yoga is a holistic approach to a healthy and contented life. To reap the complete benefits of our efforts it is essential to have a right set up, mindset and attire that allow the practitioner to stay focused and alert while moving through the asanas and transitions during practice without bothering...


Balancing the Pitta to stay Fit

Immunity and strength is what drives our body through all the stress, physiological and psychological issues, age-related problems, lifestyle diseases, and polluted environment. Since the past few years, we humans all across the world are witnessing nature’s imbalance like global warming, increasi...


Summer Vacation- Yoga Destination

Summer vacations come to rescue children from scorching heat and hectic schedules of schools and after school classes. It is something quite awaited for not just by children but the entire family as this is the time even parents get a break from their monotonous routine and plan something rejuvenati...


In Reverence to the Sun- 108 Suryanamaskars

Surya – The Sun , energy that drives all life forms on Earth. It drives away the darkness of hatred, anger, distress, and pessimism and brings the shine of new beginning, hope, love, nourishment and prosperity. The Sun is the revered power especially in India and thus we bow- say namaskar to him i...


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