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Artificial Intelligence - A Tool to Understand Mind

The art of intelligence is a fascinating study. Scientists are in fast pursuit of the “mind of matter” and enjoying the “Game Of God” by creating entities which mirror the minds most precious-possession consciousness and the ability to think! A leading scientist Juergen Schmidhuber is a c...


Sutras- Pearls of Wisdom

Ancient and traditional are considered to be a symbol of excellence. Maybe because there was a lot to discover for mankind and wise men were on their way to create and present to the world a set of guidelines, principles and truths about the mystery called life. They did this by their own way of lea...


Anandmayi Maa

We Indians entered new year with auspicious, pious, graceful and symbol of strength  the nine goddesses manifesting in infinite forms to nurture, balance, strengthen, prosper and illuminate the human beings on this earth. We bow and pay our gratitude to the Shakti who is magnificent  pouri...


Yog Guru of all Ages

ADI SHANKARACHARYA "Brahma Satyam, Jagan Mithya,  JivoBrahmaiva Na Parah" God is real. The world is unreal. The individual is none else but God  These words describe the depth of Adi Shankaracharya’s wisdom and teachings. Born in south India’s Kaladi district of Kerala. &nbs...


Water - Our Life and Inspiration

International water day just gone by on 22nd March 2019 reminding us of its significance in our lives with a strong caveat to save it as only 3% of water on earth is clean and can be consumed. Further, it is believed that the frequent occurrence of natural calamities is mainly because of water. It...


What's your Dincharya?

A person who has equilibrium in his three doshas (vat, pitta &kapha) (bioenergy), Agni (metabolic process), excretion process. His senses, soul and mind are in balance and harmony, then one is in optimal state of health. We all support and advocate the significance of nutrition, fitness and r...


Plan your Yoga Vacation

“Tough times never last tough people do”- This aptly defines the situation of parents and children when there are exam times, school times and tests. For parents most of their time and attention gets completely absorbed in taking care of their school going child and maintaining work life balance...


If Truth be Told

THIS IS AN EPILOGUE FROM OM SWAMI BOOK - "IF TRUTH BE TOLD, A MONK'S MEMOIR". Enlightenment does not mean you have to live like a pauper. It does not mean you have to subject yourself to a life of hardship and abstinence. On the contrary, to be enlightened means to live in the light of love, comp...


Naturality- The Natural Way

We tend to play many roles and attend to so much and so many around. It seems we are living a conditioned life where we have stuffed so many things in our mental and physical set up both inner and outer that at times we forget who we really are. Always running for what? The unending list of needs. I...


Holy Unification at Yog Kumbh

Get drenched in the holy waters of 3 rivers Ganga, Jamuna and Saraswati at Triveni Sangam and let the aura of yoga touch you profoundly. Experience like never before to pamper and enrich the soul. Indian Yoga Association calls you to witness and participate in a spectacular event of Yog Kumbh in the...


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