From Healing to Enlightenment

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Yoga- the union of mind, body, and soul with the infinite. This ancient practice has today become a strong science to heal mankind and is the catalyst in bringing humans closer to nature which they are comprised of.  The ultimate aim of yoga is believed to be spiritual enlightenment. This ...


Decoding Yoga with Dr. Deepak Sachdeva

With so much of noise in our internal and external environment it becomes really difficult to listen to our inner voice which we often mute or lose. Thus it becomes essential to shut our senses from external distractions in order to connect within. Consequently we are able to explore our true self a...


Healing with Yoga by Deepak Sachdeva

Since childhood we are conditioned to follow ethics and civilized behavior.  As we grow up we start comprehending people and situations on our own and formulate our own set of core values through our cognitive thinking and experiences. Another set of protocol is offered by our respective profes...

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