Finding Moments of Pause

The famous French scientist and philosopher, Blaise Pascal said way back in the 1600s that “All of humanity's problems stem from man's inability to sit quietly in a room alone”. When I look around now, four hundred years later, his statement still rings true. A survey carried out in ...


Why Hustle Culture Isn't Worth it?

Hustle culture is an ideology created to encourage people to push themselves beyond what they are capable of. Hustle culture equates constant hard work with success. Talking about a day in most of our lives, the morning starts with checking our phones and scrolling thr...


Emotional Freedom Technique with Kanika Gupta

There are 3 aspects of every human being physical, mental and emotional. All three are interconnected and complementary. Practitioners in every field be it modern medicine or alternative healing today focus on overall health diagnosis in order to prevent or cure any health issue. Modern time is quit...


Ayurveda Yoga and Naturopathy for Mental Health

Living in the modern world has its own set of challenges. We all experience some kind of psychological or physical health issue that if left unattended becomes a chronic problem later. The most alarming scenario today is the increasing number of people struggling with psychological problems like anx...

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