Slow Down & Simply Be!

In a rush to get everything done in this hectic world, it may seem impossible sometimes to find time for doing nothing. You heard it right-doing absolutely nothing! By doing nothing, we do not mean lazying on your couch watching a show on Netflix or scrolling through ...


Why Hustle Culture Isn't Worth it?

Hustle culture is an ideology created to encourage people to push themselves beyond what they are capable of. Hustle culture equates constant hard work with success. Talking about a day in most of our lives, the morning starts with checking our phones and scrolling thr...


Understanding Excellence with Dr N Ganesh Rao

Is your mind constantly planning and scheduling the work?  Are you too stressed with your mind flooded with professional and personal commitments?  Well, at times our work looks larger than life and our outlook persuades us to keep working round the clock at flas...


Experiencing Presence through Attention

Namaste and welcome back all our Potential Buddhas! First of all, we would like to thank all of you for showering so much love and response to our first vlog. In continuum to our last talk, we will take our antar yarta further on the subject of Attention. To begin with, I’d like to state wha...



Namaste to all our potential buddhas! This is a new series of blogs which we call “antar yatra” meaning inner journey. In this series we will not be recurring some bookish knowledge, rather will be sharing our own experiences and mistakes that we have encountered over the decade of ou...


The Power of Your Subconscious Mind

“I didn’t know I wasn’t unwrapping a gift book but another beautiful world to explore”.   The Power of Your Subconscious mind, Joseph Murphy, a brilliant farewell gift by my teacher, Seema Sondhi, after completion of my teacher training course with her. With this book, she ...


Mobile phone as a Ubiquitous Appendage

“Shifting energy from external world to internal world. Here, metaphorically describing external world to our mobile phone that stores images, knowledge, maps, birthdays, playlist, reminders, etc, and internal world to inner selves.”   HMY TEAM : How do you describe world that has d...


Powerful lessons learnt from Nataraja

Nataraja, as a symbol is not a home décor, it is a brilliant invention that gives us a powerful lessons to live life with balanced Purusha (right side of body/mind/ consciousness) and Prakriti (left side of the body/ nature/matter).    1. Dancing Shiva is in Abhaya mudra, stating no...

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