My Yoga Experience


A tension in my neck was more disturbing than a tension in my head going past few months. I am a Software Engineer and pain in the neck is consequence of my profession that bounds me to have prolonged hours of sitting in front of Laptops without any ergonomic ethics.  

The non-sleeping hours was always accompanied with this pain in the neck. This pain was due to stiff muscles, inflamed and pain running down to my spine. I frittered away money on good massages, expensive oil and ointment. I was always running here and there to fix it, yes all of this was temporary relief but my sniffing for permanent solution didn’t end.  

My account balance was dipping with the amount of expenditure diverted to these temporary solutions. I ran along the streets for good massage parlour or physiotherapist. I was addicted for that moment of painless, no matter whatever money it tooks, I will work hard but I need my neck to feel that it is fixed and there is no pain. 

I didn’t realize that I was ignoring the fact that neck connects head and spine, and ignoring some permanent solution and spending heavily in temporary is just elevating my problem. My symptoms were adding with neck pain, I became restless, sleepless nights, brain fogging, etc etc. 

Where to go, what to do to fix it? 

The more and more research took me to Yoga classes and Yoga workshops. For a month, I did yoga classes and that changed me, my body – mind and me as a human being. I was a different person all together apparently changed the way I was carrying myself. 

I realised that healing was in my control. When I did for the first time neck tension relieving exercise, I felt more lightness and better movement. Eventually with each class it got better. These were combination of “sukhsma yoga”, subtle yoga, it helped me to take tiny steps towards healing yoga on the mat. 

Soon my teacher started adding more movements and more yoga asana and with each class, I felt this time my entire body was lighter and better. Initially, I couldn’t complete poses, my teacher gave me alternate poses instead complete poses but with each pose I felt spike in my flexibility. My sessions went from 30 minutes to 60 minutes practice with full enthusiasm.

With Yoga, I even changed my food platter, for that stay tune to my next series of blogs. Regular yoga classes and amazing food fed my body and brain to be a happy girl, present in the moment, always.


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