“A guru is not a teacher. The Guru-shishya relationship is on an energy basis. He touches you in a dimension where nobody else can.” - Sadhguru
Yoga in India” one of the hottest selling keyword for digital world and most fashionable of health fads. India invented yoga and meditation that healed body, mind and spirit. Few millennia ago, before it was big practice in Times Square it was morning routine practice for Dhoti clad Indian man and saree wrapped Indian woman.
At that time, we didn’t have Maduka mat for stronger grip, Lululemon yoga comfy apparels or Organic food to gorge. We had our teachers to teach us yoga, the unique method of transmission through guru – shishya parampara (teacher – student tradition).
Yoga is a proper science that when practiced dedicatedly under guidance of a teacher then it becomes means of reaching higher dimensions.
But, who is this teacher? It is really a teacher or an energy that you connect with? First find reasons why you are seeking this spiritual practice, and when you will be ready you will have your teacher.