Naturality- The Natural Way

Naturality- The Natural Way

We tend to play many roles and attend to so much and so many around. It seems we are living a conditioned life where we have stuffed so many things in our mental and physical set up both inner and outer that at times we forget who we really are. Always running for what? The unending list of needs. In the entire process, we miss out so much and may be that is why we are longing for something. After all that is our nature, to return back to who we are, a manifestation of nature. There are times when we are tired of monotonous life, stressed, fail to keep with the commitments to ourselves and others, struggle with health issues and deteriorating personal bonds. 

At this point we need to take a step back and discover our core set up. We are a part of nature and we can only stay happy and contented when we nourish our mind, body and soul with natural instincts, natural food and detoxed perception and thinking.

To help us in this endeavor an elite and renowned yoga guru Dr. Jivasu who spent a considerable time of his life in understanding Naturality through life changing incidents, is organizing a unique learning and enlightening campaign on Naturality encompassing the real life colors of naturality that exist in our social and physical environment both within and around us. It is a comprehensive and holistic programme that will touch upon the areas like understanding ourselves, interacting with self and infinity through meditation, acquiring inputs from Ayurveda to stay healthy and fit, refurbishing our inner and outer personality for all age groups, dealing with lifestyle and natural crisis, how to stay in harmony with self and environment and the Panch yoga:

  • Yoga of Love and Relationships
  • Yoga of Complete Beauty
  • Yoga of Emotions and Mental Health
  • Yoga of Ageing and Old Age
  • Yoga of Death and Dying

Apart from these it also includes a visit to reputed NGO, visit to Beatles ashram, Sessions with Ayurvedic doctor, ayurvedic cooking, massage and spa at the discretion of participants. This campaign has a plethora of activities for participants to learn and impart their shade of naturality.

Programme Details:

So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and get ready for a rendezvous with Naturality!

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