While you make efforts to take care of your body during this pandemic, it is also crucial that you address your mental and emotional well-being caused by this calamity. 
Taking some time away from your routine will do as good for your health as a regular vacation.
Let's face it, even though staying at home might seem boring compared to traveling abroad, it does not mean that you are stuck with just Netflix. You can always find ways to have fun and keep your sanity while staying in your own home.

A staycation at home can do just as much good to your physical and mental well-being as a vacation overseas! We will tell you how.

De-clutter your space

A hotel room is a clean slate free of clutter and chaos. But this is not the case in our home, you will often find a pile of clothes, or pillows lying on the floor. Simplify your space for a more relaxing stay. Get rid of anything that is cluttering up your place. A small change can make all the difference when you are looking for ways to refresh your space - even if it means just doing something simple like switching up your sheets, lighting some candles, or throwing out a little bit of fresh greenery.

Get Some Vitamin N (Nature)

Maybe a resort vacation at the beach or an amusement park ride isn't in the cards right now. That doesn't mean you have to spend your staycation indoors all day (we recommend against that).
Create a balcony garden, spend some time on the balcony gazing at stars - all while being surrounded by nature. If you're living in a polluted city, take solace in how the sun peeks through windows during sunset or how plants touch your toes during sunrise.

Beautify your bathroom

Bathrooms at hotels are luxurious and are meant for a pampered shower. Our bathrooms are less tidy and we don’t put much focus on the decoration or luxurious amenities. Switch to fresh towels, and improve the lighting to brighter and more flattering tones. Add a few scented amenities that smell nice and also update your hand soaps and lotions to make every handwashing experience surreal.

Take a luxurious sleep

Vacations are all about relaxation and refreshing. To ensure this happens, make sure you are getting enough sleep! Put hotel-like blackout curtains in your bedroom if you don't have them already.
Before you go to bed, make sure you try these few things to help yourself relax: Take a bath, drink some decaf green tea, light some aromatic candles, or do some restorative yoga poses or a breathing exercise before going to bed. Choose music that will calm you or sounds you would love to hear on a vacation, like the sound of waves crashing on a beach.
In these tense times when it is not safe to step out for a proper vacation, just a staycation at home may provide some temporary relief. Sure, it doesn't sound too exciting at first glance - but when you consider everything else happening in the world right now, maybe a staycation isn't such a bad idea after