Focus My Child!

Does it seem challenging for your kid to focus be it study or sports or mere talking? Do you have to struggle to get your child to sit & focus without distraction? Does he/ she zone out while doing an activity? Well, these are quite common problems which most of the parents face daily an...


Why you shouldn't skip your yoga class?

We all know that Yoga is reviving,  right!  How many of us want to follow yoga? All... But how many of us really practice yoga? Few... Why? The reasons for not doing it are rather infinite I have got jobs to do, but that holds true for yoga practitioners too? Still w...


Yoga Therapy or Yogopathy?

Yoga is salubrious with its infinite dimensions. The most prominent being the power to heal. Most of us turn to yoga when we have any kind of illness or vyadhi as we call it in yoga and also seek instant resolution to our dis + ease( the state of unease).    Is yoga therapy, ...


Rediscovering our True-Self through Yoga

Life – Ah! What an exciting journey this is! To think of it, life actually comes in so many different shapes, forms, and sizes; and varies not only from person to person but also from moment to moment. Even though we’re all experiencing this one beautiful existence, called life, on planet Earth ...


Journey of a Yogi to Entrepreneur

Yoga is truly a transformational tool for every human being whomsoever comes under its aegis. Every yogi has his/her own journey and unique experiences to learn, share and utilize them for making the lives of others enlightening and healthy. Just as yoga opened the doors of the mind, body, and soul ...


Satipatthana Sutta

Lord Buddha enlightened the mankind by providing doorways to positive reality and acquainting every being with his mind, body, feelings and spirit. Satipatthana Sutta is the path that leads to truth and freedom from all suffering. The first step involves identifying ourselves physical, mental and em...


A moment of pride and a fresh start to Life

Life has so many twist and turns and we just have to flow with the current or strive hard to undo and overcome certain challenges put forth. But life does teach us so much that leaves us speechless that experience can only be felt as simple, pure and transformational. This true story is about two...


Special Father’s Day

For father’s day I was asked to write some of my thoughts about yoga for my son. Torr is only 6 months old right now but I thought it was an interesting challenge. Guided mostly by what I wish I’d known a little earlier in life, I write this for his encouragement. His mother had almost daily tre...


Letter to my son

Dear Son, It’s kind of strange for a father to write a letter to his son but at times there is too much a father intends to say and doesn’t, given his image . Sometimes he has this desire to tell all and this letter is nothing but the result of those desire only fathers can understand because...


 Sitkari Pranayama-Hitakari Pranayama

Our mind, body and soul face so much exploitation during our life time and is in a constant threat of getting in the grip of chronic problems. It is our will to either sail smoothly in our lives or force ourselves on the bumpy path with ditches. Every now and then we are advised to adopt some form o...


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