Special Father’s Day

For father’s day I was asked to write some of my thoughts about yoga for my son. Torr is only 6 months old right now but I thought it was an interesting challenge. Guided mostly by what I wish I’d known a little earlier in life, I write this for his encouragement. His mother had almost daily tre...


Letter to my son

Dear Son, It’s kind of strange for a father to write a letter to his son but at times there is too much a father intends to say and doesn’t, given his image . Sometimes he has this desire to tell all and this letter is nothing but the result of those desire only fathers can understand because...


 Sitkari Pranayama-Hitakari Pranayama

Our mind, body and soul face so much exploitation during our life time and is in a constant threat of getting in the grip of chronic problems. It is our will to either sail smoothly in our lives or force ourselves on the bumpy path with ditches. Every now and then we are advised to adopt some form o...


Age beyond Numbers

India today is 70 years still young. Pardon me if I am wrong grammatically but very right in terms of zeal and spirit. Many would say oh 70 years is a lot in terms of age while a group with a unending zeal, majestic dreams and unfailing valour to chase their dreams will say 70 , still a lot needs to...


The Power of Your Subconscious Mind

“I didn’t know I wasn’t unwrapping a gift book but another beautiful world to explore”.   The Power of Your Subconscious mind, Joseph Murphy, a brilliant farewell gift by my teacher, Seema Sondhi, after completion of my teacher training course with her. With this book, she ...


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