Finding my Space in Rishikesh

With your bags packed and ready to discover a whole new world in the vicinity of nature. Welcome to Rishikesh, a spiritual haven and a tranquil abode. Abode! now your search began for that apt place just meant for you. Though there are resorts and hotels of all kinds. I mean there is ...


Commemorating the Beatles @ 50 in India

Beatles-a famous rock band of the 60's doesn't need any introduction. But there is also another side of these renowned rockstars and that is the spiritual side. Away from the fast and supercharged lives, Beatles made Maharishi Mahesh Yogi ashram as their spiritual abode. It is popularly known as Bea...


Quest for a Peaceful  Abode

Tired, worn out and to break the circle of ennui a person's  intense search for a quite and calm place begins. He looks for a spiritual healer and a small corner on earth where one can shut himself from the world of misery, fear and anxiety. A place where he can connect with himself and share s...


It's Holy Holi at Rishikesh

The colour of International yog festival at Ganga Resort (GMVN), became brighter with Holi celebration. These yogis who were living like a family with strangers, signifies that age, caste, colour or country is no bar when people share a common passion for yoga. Confluence of Indian and ...


The spiritual journey begins at International Yog Festival (March 1-8, 2018)

The most awaited series of events coupled with the colourful Holi is here to revive the spirits and refurbish every soul. It has something in store for everyone. The different colours of yoga are spread in the surroundings of Rishikesh to infuse positivity and purity deep down inside. People from...


Discover your true self

Away from the hustle bustle of today's fast paced environment, spend some time in the lap of mother nature. The mighty Himalayas and a deep Ganges have a lot to tell you which is tranformational and awakening for every human soul. We people are so occupied with our daily work as if we are not abl...


The Beatles Tribute Band, “Fab Four” is coming to Rishikesh

[Warning: If you are Beatle maniac, then you will be pinching yourself after reading this blog.] Reading the title again, can’t believe it… Yes, it’s true, the Beatles Tribute Band, “Fab Four” is coming to Rishikesh. It will be performing at International Yog Festival from 4th to 6th...


My Yoga Guru

“A guru is not a teacher. The Guru-shishya relationship is on an energy basis. He touches you in a dimension where nobody else can.” - Sadhguru “ Yoga in India” one of the hottest selling keyword for digital world and most fashionable of health fads. India invented yoga and meditatio...

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