Enjoy Sauerkraut

Are you anxious about gaining those extra pounds during this indefinite lockdown? Tired of reverberating statistics of increasing corona cases? Wondering how to stay safe and what to consume. Covid-19 is an eye-opener for all of us that it’s not money that brings us peace happiness and good health we have to work towards it.

This is a crucial time for all of us and quite decisive in the way we treat ourselves and continue to nurture our lives in that way. After a long phase of continued neglecting health, Covid-19 has bring us to a halt, to stop, to unwind, and rewind our lives to magnify the health aspect which got subdued under the stress and demanding lifestyle. We are undergoing transformation and we require both mental and physical strength which comes from a healthy lifestyle and diet.

Healthy food is equally important with healthy lifestyle no matter how many online workout classes you have joined. There is no dearth of superfoods that provide optimal health. One such food is Sauerkraut that takes care of your beauty, body, and brain from the root.

“Sauerkraut”- a combination of fermented veggies that is loaded with amazing nutrients supports holistic health and is piquant in taste and palatable. 

Wondering why it is a holistic nutrient and superfood? Take a look

Benefits of Sauerkraut

Probiotic food - The probiotics content and enzymes of sauerkraut ensure better absorption of nutrients by the body along with fibre that provides good digestion and maintains bacteria balance in your gut. The good bacteria present in probiotics help fight against toxins and bad bacteria present in the gut.

Healthy skin food - The presence of vitamins A, biotin, folate and vitamin B12 promote healthy and radiant skin by reviving the tissues, maintain skin elasticity and prevent wrinkles on the skin. It also promotes healthy lustrous hair and is a good source of energy.

Immunity booster- Vitamin C and Iron present in sauerkraut boost the immune system and maintain healthy gut lining. It prevents harmful substances from entering the body and also aids in fast recovery from illness. Vitamin C also promotes the growth of collagen and provides smooth and clear skin.

Fibre Rich - Sauerkraut contains fibre, less calories and probiotics that ensures better digestion and keeps one fuller for a longer time thereby easing weight loss and less absorption of fat from the food.

Detoxifying & HealingThe enzymes present in sauerkraut ensure elimination of toxins and promote cell repair and rejuvenation, thus providing glowing skin and healthy hair. Also, the antioxidants and sulfur detoxifies the liver which eventually promotes a healthy mind and body.

Fights anxiety - The probiotics and essential minerals like zinc and magnesium are believed to regulate the mood and relieve people from OCD, anxiety and depression. Moreover, sauerkraut is believed to enhance memory and reduce the risk of memory-related disorders.

Food for bone - The K2 content of sauerkraut is helpful in maintaining bone density and bone health. Moreover, fiber, probiotics, and K2 present in sauerkraut can reduce the cholesterol levels and prevent the accumulation of calcium deposits in arteries thereby lowering the risk of heart disease.

Antioxidants Rich The antioxidants also prevent DNA damage, cell mutation, and prevent the risk of cancer. Sauerkraut is a rich source of antioxidants.

Organically prepared sauerkraut keeps its nutritional value and probiotic content intact which together work on cleaning, nourishing and toning the body from the cellular level to the skin, working on all aspects of our being the cells, tissues, muscles, bones, skin, and mind.

Wondering how to get Sauerkraut?

Get your organic sauerkraut from Svarasya, a range of ancient self -care initiatives by DeeptiSehgal, Macrobiotic & Nutritionist. Svarasya Sauerkraut is prepared from 100% organic cabbage, sea salt, and Lacto fermented in controlled temperatures giving its natural tangy flavor which you can savor in your diet. It contains live enzymes and essential nutrients that work wonders on the digestive system, immunity, mind, and beauty by balancing the essential elements of the body.

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