Slow Down & Simply Be!


In a rush to get everything done in this hectic world, it may seem impossible sometimes to find time for doing nothing. You heard it right-doing absolutely nothing!

By doing nothing, we do not mean lazying on your couch watching a show on Netflix or scrolling through social media, No. By “doing nothing” we mean sitting down and staring off your ceiling, kind of nothing.

Today we are available around the clock. It is easy for us to recharge our devices when they are low on power, but it has become more challenging for us to take a moment to refresh ourselves.

And honestly, it doesn’t need to be this way! Now you might be thinking, “but I need to be productive at all times.” Women especially fall prey to this thought, especially when there are clothes to wash and dishes lying in the sink. But it’s okay if you let yourself rest on the couch or lounge around during the day. Take time out to care for yourself and instead of seeing this as an unproductive act, see it as self-love.

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Doing nothing also lets you know when something is wrong.

It’s hard to notice how things are going when you’re always so busy. You never get a chance to take note of how you’re feeling and listen to that little voice inside of you telling you something needs changing. Once the rush starts to subside and everything goes quiet, your thoughts start to come back together, reminding you of all these things inside yourself that need work to make changes that add to the betterment of your life. 

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At times, doing nothing is better than doing something.

Our subconscious expands as we unplug from everyday distractions. Our minds jump around to the obvious answers for every problem, but then comes new insight; solutions we would never have thought of before – insights that may change lives in a way no one could predict. On the other hand, being constantly distracted leaves no room for discovery.

Doing nothing helps us make more compassionate- it forces us to think about things and seek something bigger than ourselves. You don’t need to spend an hour a day just sitting around. Start small! Take out five minutes every day and sit, simply being! Look at the leaves falling from the tree outside your window, or drink coffee in solitude without simultaneously reading, writing emails, or being on phone.

Let your mind float about and wander!
You’ll see how the feeling of nothingness calms down your thoughts and takes away all those worries. You might even find it is something you want to do again tomorrow! No joke, try it out!

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