Namaste to all our potential buddhas! This is a new series of blogs which we call “antar yatra” meaning inner journey. In this series we will not be recurring some bookish knowledge, rather will be sharing our own experiences and mistakes that we have encountered over the decade of ou...


If Truth be Told

THIS IS AN EPILOGUE FROM OM SWAMI BOOK - "IF TRUTH BE TOLD, A MONK'S MEMOIR". Enlightenment does not mean you have to live like a pauper. It does not mean you have to subject yourself to a life of hardship and abstinence. On the contrary, to be enlightened means to live in the light of love, comp...


Yoga & Full Moon

Full moon is as energy boosting as it is beautiful. This day comes every month when the moon sparkles in the sky and its sheen covers the earth making everything lighten up. Full moon day occurs when the sun, the earth  and the moon come in a straight line.  This day is  consider...


The Aura of Aurovalley Ashram

Our mind wanders throughout the day in search of peace and belongingness. Then one day we decide to go to a place where we can just sit and listen to the sound of nature which doesnt demand anything but takes us in its lap and comfort us with its soothing silence, soft breeze and musical sounds of i...


Chanting, really an aid to meditation and managing mind?

We always talk about yoga and breathing, a beautiful combination for immersing deep into a yoga asana but what about breathing and chanting, let's hear it from Chitra Ganesh, Vedic chanting and yoga teacher, in the tradition of Krishnamacharya and TKV Desikachar. hmy : What exactly is a mantra an...


Yoga and the Root of Life

“The wondrous mushroom is in the body and not on a sacred mountain.”  - The Carved Text On The Recovery of the Genuine Breath Life has a root. This root made it possible for us to grow and take shape in this world. It stretches back to the moment of conception and links our existen...


The Fakir - the book that deserves another read

The Fakir by Ruzbeh N Bharucha, caption says, " The one who hear the thunder roars, hear the butterfly sighs". Every time, my glance over these lines, tunes my sensory motor nerves to produce an action of talking to myself. Give myself a moment and breathe in that moment. Imagine if the cover...


Powerful lessons learnt from Nataraja

Nataraja, as a symbol is not a home décor, it is a brilliant invention that gives us a powerful lessons to live life with balanced Purusha (right side of body/mind/ consciousness) and Prakriti (left side of the body/ nature/matter).    1. Dancing Shiva is in Abhaya mudra, stating no...

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