Summer vacations come to rescue children from scorching heat and hectic schedules of schools and after school classes. It is something quite awaited for not just by children but the entire family as this is the time even parents get a break from their monotonous routine and plan something rejuvenating like trips and vacation. Many others consider it as an opportunity to enhance their child’s creativity and make them learn something new which can make them viewed as talented and unique. Out of the many arts, kids are encouraged to learn nowadays the summer camps have gone digital to woo kids who like to play with technology. Somewhere our ambience is responsible for what are kids consider as cool and exciting. New games, technologies and people just busy in their phones, gadgets and latest technology coming up each day makes one feel a part of a sophisticated and modernized society. Kids get addicted to games that are at times fatal for their life and health.

Summer camps are supposed to provide kids and their parent's opportunity to unwind, relax and learn something that supports them in times of stress, prevent health issues, bring discipline and balance in physical and psychological aspects of personality.

Thus, summer yoga camps are organized by different institutions at regional, national and international levels. These camps allow kids and family to spend quality time together, inculcate a sense of co-operation and belongingness practicing in a group, be self-aware and tolerant and receptive towards others and self. Infuse energy through various exercises specifically designed for kids to enhance their immunity, concentration power, flexibility, stability and stamina which they require in large amounts during school days and exams.

Moreover, they are able to acquire knowledge about their health, nutrition, and lifestyle that creates awareness in them regarding their food intake and routine. Moreover, kids are quite vulnerable and adaptable so they can easily make yoga a way of life thereby making it a part of their daily activities. A particular duration of the day to just live the moment putting aside all troubles and burdens. It brings clarity of both mental and physical processes.

Further children get time to explore their roots, the Mother Nature closely, inhaling its essence in each breath and exhaling out the noise, accumulated pollution and stress. Yoga is a kind of exercise that encompasses healing, soothing, nurturing and empowering qualities of head and heart. It allows one to develop at his own pace and master oneself which is the foundation of any other creative skill or talent.