The super power above created supreme humans with unmatched potential to think, grow, nurture and transform the world. We all are busy bees taking care of our own little world and rarely get time to acknowledge how fortunate we are and what we can do for not so privileged ones. Still some of us consider and recognize their true purpose of life and become an ideal for the entire world as they care, dare and infuse reality in a dim ray of hope.

One such remarkable persona is Guru Syed Salahuddin Pasha, a yoga teacher, a healer, a compassionate human being with a distinctive artistic bent of mind. Born to a Muslim family of physicians at Ragi , Anekal who worked for the kings of Mysuru.

Carrying forward the legacy of healing, Guru Pasha is today an acclaimed yoga teacher and choreographer of classical dance form who treats differently abled youngsters especially those on wheel chairs. Adept in Surahs and Shlokas, Guru Pasha started yoga at the age of six.

He grew up inspired from Swami Vivekananda and Sri Ramakrishna Paramhamsa comprehending the profound and true essence of yoga and how unification of mind, body and soul is prime to yoga practice.

Moreover he considered his moral duty to help differently abled to lead an independent and dignified life and cure them. For this he invested over 40 years in developing a yoga philosophy for Persons of Disability and incepted Ability Unlimited in Delhi and Bengaluru, an NGO based on yoga to heal and empower differently abled people which is first of its kind that creates awareness to view differently abled with a positive perspective and acknowledge their potential. It reserved its name in Guinness World Records, Limca World Records and earned several national and international recognitions for its innovative initiatives for persons with disability.

He empowers them through yoga helping them create a balance in Panch Bhoota. His yoga style is a combination of, postures, music, dance and spirituality. It empowers them in a way that their bodies act as a prop and create a vivid depiction of a story full of all shades of emotions leaving the spectator spell bound with their musical performance.

Guru Pasha and his students have several recognitions to their credit for performances like Bharatnatyam on wheel chairs, several Indian epics on wheel chairs, yoga on Wheel chairs, sufi dance on wheel chairs and many more. He also presented wheelchair performances on several international and national occasions and Miracles on Wheels show at UN Convention was a grand success.

Syed Pasha considers himself as a symbol of national integrity and believes whichever way we worship or chant leads to unification of mind, body and soul. He believes yoga is a revered art and to benefit every individual on personal level after thorough understanding of his needs, and physical and mental challenges. Therefore he works whole heartedly to redefine disability and present gracefully the immense potential of differently abled persons which usually our society fails to recognize.