Savasana, is the corpse pose practiced at the end of yoga. It looks easiest yoga pose in the entire yoga practice session but when doing, it’s one of the hardest pose.
Apparently, outward appearance of the pose is Eyes closed, palms facing towards the ceiling, shoulders relaxed, legs wide apart and relaxed. But technically, it has more to do with conscious rest, we are asleep but awake, asleep in terms of wandering thoughts but awake to control our mind to be relaxed. It’s a state of Zero for infinite benefits.
We learn to let go in Savasana. Savasana has stages where we initially float on the edge of consciousness, eventually we allow ourselves to drift away into a vast and infinite sea of solitude and serenity.
This conscious effort brings peace to our mind, keep us relaxed, the later day is spent more focussed and with better energy.
Imagine, what type of life we could harness, if we, our community, our country, our continent our planet is filled with happy and relaxed people.