We all know that Yoga is reviving,  right!  How many of us want to follow yoga? All...

But how many of us really practice yoga? Few... Why? The reasons for not doing it are rather infinite

I have got jobs to do, but that holds true for yoga practitioners too? Still why they remain so consistent with their practice?
The answer is the transformation they experience.
Guess what!
A yoga practitioner can more efficiently sort household chores & workplace jobs as compared to non-practitioners of yoga. 
Any kind of daily exercise routine is important, but why hellomyyoga motivates you to come and practice yoga? 
Because Yoga allows you to create space for prana, rekindle your ojas & agni & stay mindful in every aspect of life, the entire day. 
This above one-line sentence is not that simple as it seems. It requires you to win over all the excuses and overcome your mental hurdles regarding yoga. Just take a step forward to experience life with yoga. Be it meditation, Pranayama, or Asana- yoga is meant to pamper, relax, and strengthen us just like fuel for any machinery. It allows your mental clock to run smoothly, be more focused, and handle stress with ease. Just a little unease initially and a journey of eternal bliss forever. So, let’s get set for this yogic approach to life with affirmation and devote some time to unite ourselves which get withered in the hustle-bustle of life each day.