The summer season is here and soon the kids will be beginning with their new classes of activities to learn and explore the things in store for them this season. It isn’t easy to engage the kids when it comes to something related to the health aspect. But not anymore, yoga summer camps are here to allow your kids to learn with fun. Yoga is not just meant for the grown up people but the earlier we start it the better it is.  It is just like acquiring a new skill which beneficial for everyone and everywhere.

Yoga is an interesting and entertaining exercise for kids. Why?

  1. Kids are adaptable and open to learn new things
  2. They love to follow the footsteps of their elders and trainers
  3. They want to channelize their energies in outdoor activities.
  4. Kids can correlate better the things they learn or hear about if done practically.
  5. The kids have better flexibility as compared to adults; therefore they can perform exercises which require more stretching, bending and full movement of the muscles and joints.
  6. Yoga is not very stressful and strenuous for the practitioners if done under expert guidance.

How Yoga benefits the kids

  1. Children learn the qualities of head and heart
  2. It relieves the stress of wasting the summer vacations and attending to children’s queries like “what shall I do, I’m bored?”
  3. Yoga classes allow the child to open up and become sanguine to face the challenging situations of life.
  4. They feel excited to do something new and feel elated having done that.
  5. Children feel motivated to see others doing something they are asked to do and get benefits from that.
  6. Yoga prepares students for school and classroom by allowing them to be disciplined, sit still and concentrate better on studies.
  7. It also makes them strong physically and the kids remain agile even after long hours of training.

Why Yoga camps?

  1. The classes are conducted under experienced practitioners who understand the child behaviors well. The trained qualified and eminent personalities are invited as guests.
  2. The classes offer other activities like indoor and outdoor games, creative classes , short trips, apart from a yoga session.
  3. It is a great opportunity to introduce the kids with the culture and ancient teachings which is beneficial for their all round development.
  4. Children learn better organizing skills, confidence and discipline and time management during their stay at summer camps.
  5. The camps offer nutritious vegetarian meals and snacks for children.
  6. The satsang and prayers help children to connect with god and relax their minds.

Here are the details of upcoming camps this summer for both teens and kids

Date Location Link
  Mumbai (Regular Classes)
  Mumbai (Weekend Classes)
18th - 22nd April 2018 Bangalore
19th -23rd April 2018 Coimbatore
25th - 29th April 2018 Hyderabad
3rd -6th June 2018 Gudur (Andhra Pradesh)
3rd -16th June 2018 Gudur (Andhra Pradesh)