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Some Fasting Deliciousness!

It is that time of the year again when goddess Durga's idols are adorned with bangles, flowers, and jeweled attire, filling up the space with an aroma of pure desi ghee dishes and other food made from milk fat like paneer - all manner of tasty treats.   In this post, we have shar...


12 Safest Prenatal Yoga Poses for Pregnant Women (Trimester-Wise)

Becoming a mother is the most special thing in every woman’s life. The female body undergoes many changes during this term of life. Preparing the body and mind for these experiences is a tough task.  Prenatal yoga is a planned yoga format that includes all asana that ensures pr...


Ahara Samsksara: Ancient Food Processing in Ayurveda

According to Ayurveda, ahara is made up of five mahabhutas (elements) and related bhutaagni (digestive enzymes) that will break down their ingredients during digestion and metabolism when stimulated by Antar Agni.  Ancient wisdom concerning the processing, preservatio...


A Journey To Home!

Pitru Paksha, a 16-day period during which Hindus pay tribute to their departed ancestors, is traditionally observed in India by performing devotional acts such as visiting temples and giving alms to the poor. During Pitru Paksha you can offer prayers at home or visit the temples for Shr...


Ahara Vidhi: A Disciplined Dietary Guideline By Charaka

Ayurveda is a practice that goes beyond just providing treatments for various ailments; it also offers guidance on maintaining one's well-being. Ahar, Nidra & Bramhacharya are all very important pillars in Ayurvedic philosophy - each one teaching someone different things about how to live...


How To Un-Link The Connection Between Heart Disease and Stress?

Heart attacks were once primarily a problem for elderly people. A heart attack in someone under 40 was unusual. Heart attack, cardiac arrest, and other cardiovascular diseases remain a huge issue to this day - but it is only now that we're starting to see an increase in heart disease rates among ...


Chanting Explained- Benefits & Science Behind It

Chanting spiritual words has been proven to calm one's mind, reduce stress, and improve health. Regardless of one's personal beliefs or traditions, chanting affects one's physical and mental health; this holds irrespective of what they are chanting. Repetitive vocal chanting has been fou...


Late Adulthood: Erik Erikson’s Perspective

We have seen that most people develop secure relationships, reason cognitively, socially, and morally, create families, and find appropriate careers over the course of their lives. However, as people enter their 60s and beyond, the aging process causes faster changes in our physical, cog...


Yoga For Metabolic Syndrome: A Prescription That Works!

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Yoga has been touted for its benefits to the body and mind since long before it was popularized in the West. People who practice yoga constantly rave about how it benefits them both mentally and physically. A recent study offers some insight into how yoga can help those struggling wit...


Ganesh Chaturthi – A Spiritual Celebration!

Good fortune and an easy way through life are what we all crave. It doesn't take much to imagine how wonderful it would be if we had a little bit of everything. The friendly deity Ganesha, sitting atop his small mount - a mouse - is here for those who need him most. Just looking at him makes ...


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