The resort I stayed in Kerela was home for one week, not long enough. Unknowing, I went to do panchakarma, a sort of Ayurvedic detox. In my mind I was thinking massage, scrubs, and maybe some other oil treatments. I came to find there were in fact other oil treatments involved, enemas.   ...


Indira’s Yoga Teacher Dhirendra Brahamchari

How many of us know about Dhirendra Brahamchari? Yoga mentor of Indira Gandhi, he had an arduous spiritual journey and great contribution to Indian Yoga with his books, TV shows and later films on Sukshma Yoga. In 1960s, he travelled to USSR as expert of Hatha Yoga and taught yoga to cosmonauts. ...


What if everybody could do Savasana?

Savasana, is the corpse pose practiced at the end of yoga. It looks easiest yoga pose in the entire yoga practice session but when doing, it’s one of the hardest pose.   Apparently, outward appearance of the pose is Eyes closed, palms facing towards the ceiling, shoulders relaxed, leg...


Hanuman Chalisa - Life Magic Book

“Sankat kate mite sab peera. Jo Sumirai Hanumat Balbeera” (English translation: “Problem ceases pain goes away. When one remembers Hanuman, the mighty hero”) What if every day is a happy day? What if we could let go fear and embrace truth happily? Have we ever thought of why pain, agony...


My Yoga Guru

“A guru is not a teacher. The Guru-shishya relationship is on an energy basis. He touches you in a dimension where nobody else can.” - Sadhguru “ Yoga in India” one of the hottest selling keyword for digital world and most fashionable of health fads. India invented yoga and meditatio...


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