Anatomical Application of Yoga

We do yoga to reap maximum benefits out of it. This is possible only when we have proper knowledge of our physical and mental set up which is the foremost step for yoga practice. Whether you impart training or you are a practitioner, you must know what you want out of it and how your body responds t...


A Guru for all ages

Today, when the word Guru has become a cliché for expert knowledge (or ‘gyan’ to the Instagram generation), it is well to remember that Gurus were also human personifications of traditional knowledge passed down from generation to generation. One such Guru closer to our own era was Yogacharya B...


Beats of Soulful Chants

Life finds its own way and moulds one towards its destination. That’s something which happened with Krishna Das who became a spiritual chant icon from a budding rock star. Krishna Das after getting inspired from his spiritual guru Neem Karoli Baba also known as Maharajji learned Bhakti yoga and al...


Turning Disability to Extraordinary Reality

 The super power above created supreme humans with unmatched potential to think, grow, nurture and transform the world. We all are busy bees taking care of our own little world and rarely get time to acknowledge how fortunate we are and what we can do for not so privileged ones. Still some of u...


Light on Iyengar Yoga

One person has given to yoga what yoga itself gave him years ago: a new life. Today, if people speak of ‘Iyengar’ and ‘Yoga’ in the same breath, it is to acknowledge the inspiring life journey of Bellur Krishnamachar Sundararaja Iyengar, better known as B.K.S. Iyengar or, reverentially, Guru...


Drinking too much water, right or wrong?

It is said that water is life. True, our body is made up of 70% water and is therefore an essential element for survival.  How much we drink each day depends upon our habits, climatic conditions and the kinds of food we eat. Moreover water helps in detoxing our bodies, maintaining body temperat...


Yoga Teacher Training Courses in India

We humans have infinite needs because we have three objects to attend and keep them in sync and working well in order to survive and they are mind, body and soul. In search of space which leads to real happiness and healthy living we have to take pathways which take us to our roots our real self. Yo...


A Teacher is a learner all his Life

Two things in life never stop they continue till we exist- growing and learning. These two processes are complimentary to each other. As we grow we learn and as we learn we grow. We might grow into a young fellow, into a middle aged person or a seasoned senior citizen, but we definitely gain somethi...


Decoding Yoga with Dr. Deepak Sachdeva

With so much of noise in our internal and external environment it becomes really difficult to listen to our inner voice which we often mute or lose. Thus it becomes essential to shut our senses from external distractions in order to connect within. Consequently we are able to explore our true self a...


Yoga as Therapy : Scope, Evidence & Evolution

International Conference 2018, Kaivalyadhama, Lonavla Date: 27 – 30 December, 2018 Yoga is considered as panacea to all ailments and a doorway to achieve holistic well -being be it mental, physical or spiritual. It unifies and integrates the mind, body and soul awakening our entire system towa...


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