Strength - Jump, Float, Fly

Immerse yourself in a style, technique or approach in a course of two days that will prepare yourself to do postures that are challenging for you.  This workshop will teach and weave together some basic elements of strength in yoga practice : how to scoop out the belly, lock the arms, roll t...


Healing with Yoga by Deepak Sachdeva

Since childhood we are conditioned to follow ethics and civilized behavior.  As we grow up we start comprehending people and situations on our own and formulate our own set of core values through our cognitive thinking and experiences. Another set of protocol is offered by our respective profes...


Patanjali Yoga Sutras- The doorway to Liberation and Nirvana

Around 400 years ago an enlightened sage Patanjali considered as an incarnation of Anantha a thousand headed serpent on whom rests Lord Vishnu, prepared the encyclopedia on the way of life. Our body is machinery that acts as per the directions of mind. To detoxify our mind and bring clarity in our v...


Who is ruling the roost, bad bacteria or good bacteria?

Who is ruling the roost, bad bacteria or good bacteria?  Yes, this question pops in your head when you read available online mega content on Probiotics or Prebiotics. Funny, isn’t the bunch of good bacteria have become bitcoin for nutritionist & fitness folks. Try Google search it a...


hellomyyoga ‘Namastey’- All the Way to Every Individual

Namastey and a warm welcome to every yogi and every yoga seeker. Namastey is a form of greeting prevalent here in India. Namastey is to respect and bow from one individual to another creating positive vibes and curbing the negative energies. A long standing tradition which comes from a meaningful an...


Pratyahara-The Empowering Limb

Our body is a doorway to our intellectual and spiritual aspects. It is both subtle and strong with a complex network of nerves, bones, muscles and organs with each having its defined set of roles. Every part of our body is in some way connected to our mind, body and soul and keep transmitting signal...


Good Food and Yoga to balance the Doshas

We all wish to lead a happy and prosperous life and each one of us have a different definition of prosperity or we may use good as a synonym for prosperity. Ironically when we look around most of the things, people and situations seem to be bad and untrustworthy. What has created so much complexitie...


Mother- Nanammal

Mother is one of the most important persons in our lives perhaps a person who is the foremost in order of prominence. She plays so many roles from a life giver to a nurturer, a teacher, a protector, a support, a friend, a motivator, a critic. She is like a mirror that reflects our true self and allo...


Taming the Rage

Things around are changing at the speed of lightning, people are running all day preoccupied mentally beyond one's capacity to take tasks and thoughts. Day and night trying to survive this worldly demands. Actually we have created machines and in fact are too much influenced by its feature of just r...


Yoga & Full Moon

Full moon is as energy boosting as it is beautiful. This day comes every month when the moon sparkles in the sky and its sheen covers the earth making everything lighten up. Full moon day occurs when the sun, the earth  and the moon come in a straight line.  This day is  consider...


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