Where Yoga has Gone?

Yoga the ancient art to refine, rejuvenate and illuminate the consciousness within. It is evolving since the times of vedas and upanishads. It was practised by sages and as a result of their austere lives they gave to the world yoga in its numerous avatars. Renowned sages like Patanjali, T. Krish...


The Aura of Aurovalley Ashram

Our mind wanders throughout the day in search of peace and belongingness. Then one day we decide to go to a place where we can just sit and listen to the sound of nature which doesnt demand anything but takes us in its lap and comfort us with its soothing silence, soft breeze and musical sounds of i...


Organic Yoga Way

Yoga's popularity is increasing all over the world. This ancient practice is so empowering that can heal, refurbish and revitalise any soul. We all live in a world which is fast and vast still we are confined in our own spaces so much that we hardly able to experience our inner silent world and look...


Yoga –This Vacation

The summer season is here and soon the kids will be beginning with their new classes of activities to learn and explore the things in store for them this season. It isn’t easy to engage the kids when it comes to something related to the health aspect. But not anymore, yoga summer camps are here to...


Hiranyagarbha Temple

The concept of Hiranyagarbha temple was created by  Sri Yukteswar Giri, a pioneer of Cosmic Astrology and a great Kriya Yoga master. He had a dream of building a circular meditation hall  for the disciples. Circular, to enable the energy to flow unobstructed unlike in a square where the en...


Finding my Space in Rishikesh

With your bags packed and ready to discover a whole new world in the vicinity of nature. Welcome to Rishikesh, a spiritual haven and a tranquil abode. Abode! now your search began for that apt place just meant for you. Though there are resorts and hotels of all kinds. I mean there is ...


Abhyasa & its 3 Allies

ABHYASA means PRACTICE and has 3 ALLIES THAT MAKE IT POTENT 1- LONG TIME (Dirgha Kala)  Establish your self in a long term routine of working on the various physical, energetic, and psychic hatha yoga puzzles. Make sure the passage of time finds you engaged in practice eventually you'll g...


The kingdom is within: Transcendental Meditation

What is needed today is a means of harmonising the qualities of the head with powers of the heart. There is an ever-increasing state of chaos in the world; tension increases daily in the individual, in social life, in national affairs, and international relations. The great and urgent need is for so...


Come Home to Eternal Satisfaction-Santosh Puri Ashram

Located in the holy city of Haridwar, 'The gateway to Gods', near the Ganges in a serene and hidden place across the street from Swami Shri Mohananad Bharti Ashram. It is a quite receptive place for people who are beginning their spiritual journey. The ashram was previously known as Gaushala for cow...


5 Must Read Books for Yoga Lovers

Summer is almost here and this means its time to catch up on some reading while we laze by the pool side. To spare you the time to perfect your downward-facing dog or to lust over the newbikinis that will be perfect for your Yoga-bod, I have curated a list of books. They may just help us to evolv...


The must read list

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