Naturality- The Natural Way

We tend to play many roles and attend to so much and so many around. It seems we are living a conditioned life where we have stuffed so many things in our mental and physical set up both inner and outer that at times we forget who we really are. Always running for what? The unending list of needs. I...


Finding my Space in Rishikesh

With your bags packed and ready to discover a whole new world in the vicinity of nature. Welcome to Rishikesh, a spiritual haven and a tranquil abode. Abode! now your search began for that apt place just meant for you. Though there are resorts and hotels of all kinds. I mean there is ...


Yoga & Café

Isn’t after a good practice on the mat, belly deserves good food. Rishkesh is loaded with yoga centres and café, for a new traveller finding good in both, is not that easy. Wandering in the city, I found some awesome café for you to binge and boost your free spirit. Ira’s Kitchen ...


Re-visit Basics of Yoga with Louise Ellis

The world is shifting towards social media Challenging Yoga, that intimidates all of us, let’s have a quick chat with Louise Ellis, on how beautification of external appearance of yoga poses has overshadow the basic concept of yoga – Set an Intention before practice, Use of Drishti and Surrend...

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