No matter how mechanized the world becomes but the best consumer goods ever produced is by the man as it has the capability to recreate, innovate and revolutionize. We evolved in each era but still stay connected to our nature and people. There are people who find their objective of life in evolving people around bringing rays of hope and happiness to needy and unprivileged ones.

Rajanikant Mahekar, Founder of Yogikuti Pvt. Ltd, is doing such commendable work by not just providing world-class yoga clothes and accessories to several people but also involving their village men to experience the journey of self-development and evolution.

Yogikuti  Private Limited, Pune– a brainchild of yogi Rajanikant Mahekar who is committed to quality and comfort to redefine yoga experience for practitioners also have another mission that runs parallel to the first. Yogikuti abides by the Yamas and Niyamas- limbs of yoga, ethical path of life to keep our souls pure and compassionate for other creatures of nature.

Yogikuti products are handcrafted by skilled artisans from villages who may be illiterate but are empowered with art that requires great precision and expertise. Yogikuti takes the credit of recognizing their unique potential and allowing them to earn a decent and independent living. These villagers can now educate their children and procure them all necessities of life which they were deprived of. Moreover, they are also reviving the handicrafts sector which was once getting choked owing to heavy industrialization and MNCs which were dominating the Indian market.

Yogikuti is giving impetus to products produced in India which have stood the test of times.

Let’s be a part of this change and contribute to giving a contented life to those who make sincere efforts to make our yogic experience exceptional and holistic.

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