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This pandemic Coronavirus has brought us back to our homes though with lot of work and also freely moving around to our favorite place in the house, “the kitchen”. Raise your hand if you are part of the gang! Are we getting more carefree and overindulging in a routine that can create health...


A Daily Dose of Immunity

Boost your Immunity

Coronavirus is creating havoc in the entire world so much so that it has been declared as global pandemic by WHO and the only way to fight it is prevention, No Cure! Have our systems become so vulnerable or the pathogens have grown stronger and more resistant? We can’t deny the fact that our ti...


Disciplining the Hormones

Every one out of ten females in India suffers from hormonal imbalance. But how many of us have been able to identify subtle science that regulates this entire system? Do we know that both the hormones & lifestyle are interrelated and affect each other to a great extent? Young females are popping...


Healing Beyond Drugs

Modern lifestyle has prompted us to keep one thing always handy with us-‘The drugs’! Drugs have become more important for survival than food today, perhaps because our lives have been confined to the way we have nurtured ourselves, where, health is always our prime concern, yet, the last one to ...


Essence of finest Herbs

India is a veritable trove of medicinal herbs. Ironically these medicinal herbs are losing their identity in the modern era to fast-acting modern medicine or fancy marketing of nutraceutical products. The researches and findings of modern world healing were already scripted in Ayurveda scriptures...


The Elixir of Health

Do you wake up tired? Wondering why you are experiencing a lack of appetite and heaviness? Is chronic fatigue and worry not allowing you to concentrate on the job and fulfill personal commitments? Is high blood pressure has become a part of your life making it go haywire. Well, everything in this...


2nd International AYUSH Conference-Dubai

In an attempt to resonate the essence  of nourishing sciences of natural elements and therapies, the India Exposition Mart Limited and AYUSH ministry organized the first World Assembly on Ayurveda, Yoga, and Naturopathy.  The event witnessed a mentally and consciously awakening sessions by...


Journey of a Yogi to Entrepreneur

Yoga is truly a transformational tool for every human being whomsoever comes under its aegis. Every yogi has his/her own journey and unique experiences to learn, share and utilize them for making the lives of others enlightening and healthy. Just as yoga opened the doors of the mind, body, and soul ...


Yogikuti: Service to Mankind

No matter how mechanized the world becomes but the best consumer goods ever produced is by the man as it has the capability to recreate, innovate and revolutionize. We evolved in each era but still stay connected to our nature and people. There are people who find their objective of life i...


Emotional Freedom Technique with Kanika Gupta

There are 3 aspects of every human being physical, mental and emotional. All three are interconnected and complementary. Practitioners in every field be it modern medicine or alternative healing today focus on overall health diagnosis in order to prevent or cure any health issue. Modern time is quit...


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