Yogasanas or Dance in front of Child

Fri, 06/26/2020 - 13:59 #1

Does it help if we practise yogasanas or dance in front of the child or infants?




Thank you for the wonderful session on yogic parenting . As young parents, we need all the help available to be good parents. 


I just wanted to know if it will help if we practise yoga or dance in front of an infant. 

Also in this era of handheld devices, how do we keep our children away from the devices? We have to use them as part of our professional lives, so I cannot totally avoid the use of these devices. 


Sharada M 

Dear Sharada,
For the first question, yes! children learn through imitation, and as they grow up, movement and music with rhythm will have a powerful positive effect on their growth. 
Rearding using gadgets, now they also ahve to use them for attending classes from home, so there is no way we can completely avoid them. But if there can be a balance created - for example, create opportunities to play without gadgets - acive play, games and activities where they have to use their hands, legs, fingers, senses etc., bring that in to create a healthy balance. There could be also a gadget free day in a week - say Sunday - where you also are free from it!
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