sensations in spine

Fri, 07/16/2021 - 17:56 #1
I practice yoga when I was young but could not find spiritual teacher in my country. Now I am 49.
From that time I have sensations from time to time on spine where chacras projects, especially first four-five chacras.
Some tablets that I take can triger it or it can happend just from nowhere.
Feeling is something like "butterflys" in stomack feeling.
Does anybody know is that because chacras are closed and that is negative effect, or chacras try to "wake up" and effect is positive.
Thank you very much!

Namaste Seeker369,


I hope you are well. Thank you for sharing and asking. 


In my view, the chakras cannot be closed or open. They are always functioning. They nay be functioning less or more in certain individuals. 


Are the tablets designed for this purpose? 


It is best to consult with a certified yoga therapist on this topic for guidance. You may look for one in your own city/country or consult with one overseas. 


Wish you the best, 


Namaste Harshvardhan!


No, tablets are antisleep but have spectre of different effects on neurotransmitters as I can tell.


Thank you very much on your answer!


It is diffcult to find real Yoga teacher. Most are interested in  money:( At least in my country which is small.


Kind regards!


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