Śrī Durgā Saptaślokī Chanting
Śrī Durgā Saptaślokī Chanting

Śrī Durgā Saptaślokī Chanting

7, 8, 9 & 15 October

8:00 AM - 8:30 AM, India Timings

(Registration Closed)


Quantum Physics has revealed to us that the world is made up of vibrations, that everything vibrates at a frequency that is unique to it. Sanskrit, called Deva Bhasha, language of gods is said to be a vibrational language. Chanting is another form of meditation, it is incredibly healing and raises our vibration.
Sanskrit letters are called Akshara, imperishable. They are neither created nor destroyed. When they are pronounced, they are not created; they become manifest. 
Chanting Śrī Durgā Saptaślokī
Lord Śiva asked Mā Durgā a way in which her devotees could achieve success in their life. Mā then revealed the secret of Ambāstuti knows as Durgā Saptaślokī. 
Durga Saptashlokee is a collection of seven important slokas from the sacred text Durgā Saptaśatī (Devī Māhātmyam) and is considered to be its essence. 
Learn to recite and understand the meaning of these powerful verses in praise of Mā Durgā with Harshvardhan Jhaveri to purify the mind and remove all obstacles.
Harshvardhan Jhaveri
Yoga is ādhyātmika and this is the cornerstone of all self-healing sciences. Harsh believes that yoga is the grammar of all faiths and thus its universal versatility with all disciplines of true health spanning physical and psychological well-being. Harsh is a practicing yoga scholar and is studying its various branches and understanding the traditions that have evolved from it. 
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Śrī Durgā Saptaślokī Chanting
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