Beginners Course - Rajiv & Swati Chanchani


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Beginners Course - Rajiv & Swati Chanchani

In general, an orientation-session is held on the eve of the beginning of each course to familiarize students to the theme of the course, expectations and policies of the Centre. A typical day during a Yoga course would include a two hour asana class in the morning, and in the evening a two hour pranayama class or a lecture. Free days and spare time are spent practicing, reading in the library or local sightseeing. Lessons at Yog-Ganga are an innovative blend of interdisciplinary training. Asanas, pranayama, classical Indian philosophy, cultural studies, environmental studies, and health and healing sciences are harmoniously melded. Ongoing general classes for local students and short and long courses for out-of-station students are held.

This Beginners' Course will be taught by Rajiv and Swati Chanchani, and will consist of 12 lessons of asana-pranayama (18 hours).

Swati and Rajiv Chanchani
Swati and Rajiv Chanchani, a husband and wife team are founder-directors of the Yog-Ganga Centre. They began studying yoga in 1975 with Yogacharya B.K.S. Iyengar. Over the last four decades, Swati and Rajiv have spent several months each year at the Ramamani Iyengar Memorial Yoga Institute, Pune learning, practicing, appreciating, and assisting with the Iyengar family. In the 1980s and 1990s, Swati and Rajiv were invited to teach yoga to defense personnel and students at premier institutions ranging from the National Defence Academy and the Indian Military Academy to The Doon School and the Welham Girls School. In more recent years, Swati and Rajiv have been extensively studying relationships among and between Indian aesthetics and yoga philosophy and practice. This pursuit has led them to read extensively, confer with scholars, visit museums worldwide, and scour hundreds of places of historical and cultural significance in India and to build up an extensive archive of representations of asanas in medieval Indian sculpture and painting.
26th April - 2nd May 2020
22nd - 28th October 2020

Date & Timings

22nd - 28th October 2020




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