Nidra Yoga Teacher Training Retreat


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Nidra Yoga Teacher Training Retreat

Nidrâ Yoga (yoga of dream and conscious sleep) is rooted in the traditions of Kashmir Shaivism and Vedanta, both dating back several thousand years. It presents the organization of the human being through five layers (koshas) to discover, explore, and intimately understand how to establish oneself in a state of consciousness where there exists no trace of separation, conflict, or suffering. Nidrâ Yoga is a practice towards complete lucidity, a journey from oblivion to self-presence. It is a gradual approach to awareness and to the sensation of being completely alive. Very paradoxically, this awareness can only be perceived in a deep state of surrendering.
Nidrâ Yoga sadhana consists of a range of highly codified exercises into each and every function that organizes the human being. It relies on two fundamental practices: deep conscious relaxation and penetrating concentration. When both are operating together intensively, a spontaneous state of meditation arises, unveiling the mysteries of consciousness.
The Practices
  • Relaxation
  • Concentration
  • Energy Awakening Breathing
  • Exploration into the Self
  • Postures

Topics to be covered
Week 1 3 Granthis & 9 Pratipatti
Week 2 5 Indriyas
Week 3 Pranamaya Kosha
Week 4 Yama Yoga

  • Yogi Sri Bashkar Nath (Andre Riehl) - He has deepened his practice of nidrâ yoga for the last 55 years and started spreading it across 5 continents for the last 20 years. He has guided yoga seekers in 25 countries around the world. President of the Fédération des Yogas Traditionnels, teacher trainer for the European Union of Yoga, member of the India Yoga Association, and Nidra Yoga Acharya appointed by the Yoga Confederation of India, he strives to transmit authentic teachings combining ancestral and contemporary knowledge.
  • Aline Vilanova -
  • Thierry Vallois
  • Soma
  • Kim Dunn

Certification - Students will receive a Nidra Yoga Certificate at the end of the month (300hrs).
Rooms Single Double
Standard Room with community bath INR 44000 INR 36300
Standard Room with attached bath INR 63800 INR 46800
Executive Room (Non-AC) INR 70000 INR 50000
Deluxe Room INR 115500 INR 74000
Very Early Bird (before March 1, 2020) INR 84100
Early Bird (before May 1, 2020) INR 105100
Regular Price (before October 1, 2020) INR 126100

Date & Timings

1st - 30th December, 2020




Kaivalyadhama Shriman Madhava Yoga Mandir Samiti


Email: | Phone: +91 9545484306




Kaivalyadhama Shriman Madhava Yoga Mandir Samiti, Swami Kuvalayananda Marg, Parsi Colony, Lonavala


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