Sarira Samyama - Advanced Āsana Intensives


Sarira Samyama - Advanced Āsana Intensives

Of the multidimensional tools offered by the system of Yoga towards holistic wellbeing, Āsana remains one that is widely sought after. While Āsana, is a means to a higher-end, in today’s day and time, the proper practice of Āsana-s done with an emphasis on appropriate techniques of breathing, can prove to be beneficial physically, physiologically and emotionally as well. KYM is happy to announce a series of advanced Āsana classes, focusing on a specific posture, with insights into planning for specific goals while integrating specific preparatory postures and counter-postures. There will be a brief introduction to the form and function of each posture, as well as means to intensify the effects of the posture. This class offers an advanced study of Āsana and will be open only to those with prior experience in practicing Yoga in any tradition.


Ms. Sangeetha Kannan
Sangeetha Kannan, Senior Therapist, and Mentor, has been teaching at KYM since 2002. She came to the Mandiram with no knowledge of Yoga and her experience here made her want to pursue this for life. She applied for Teacher training program in 1998, but didn’t get admission and however succeded in 2000. She used to accompany my senior teachers for outreach and MITRA programs and take classes for kids. This made her learn more about asana-s and understand them better. Hence, she observed kids' classes, started practicing with them and teaching them. The kids she taught then, are now taking classes for children at KYM.

Module & Teachings Date
IV -  Focus on Parivrtti goals – Ytthita-parsva-konasana (Parivrtti), Maricyasana, Pasasana and Purna-matsyendrasana September 30 2019
October 14 2019
October 21 2019
November 4 2019
V - Focus on viparita goals – postures include Uttana-mayurasana (variations), Sarvangasana (variations), Ardha-padma-halasana, Karnapidasana and Mandalam January 6 2020
January 13 2020
January 20 2020
January 27 2020
VI - Focus on Visesa (hand balances) goals – postures include Eka-pada-bakasana, Bakasana, Bhujapidasana and Cakorasana March 23 2020
March 30 2020
April 6 2020
April 20 2020

Please Note: INR 1500 per module. Participants also have an option to register for all the six modules by paying INR 7500.

Date & Timings

27th January, 2020


Tamil Nadu


Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram


+91 44 2493 7998 / 3092




New No.31, 4th Cross Street, Rama Krishna Nagar, Mandaveli, Chennai


₹ INR 7500 ₹ (INR)  

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